Contract Utility Locating

Utility Engineering

MDR Utility Locating Specialists, Inc. has identified and located subsurface utilities on numerous projects for Cities of Palo Alto, Mountain View, Visalia, Huron, Buttonwillow, Fresno, Oakland, San Francisco, and numerous California city school districts, colleges and universities.

The work has included locating water and sewer lines, primary and secondary electric lines, telephone lines, cable TV lines, gas lines, and many different types of oil and gas product lines.

MDR has earned a place in the industry as a trusted and reliable partner.  We partner with you to create smarter designs and to develop a smarter approach to construction, while eliminating the costs and downtime associated with unexpected findings on a job site.  You don’t want any unforeseen surprises AFTER you’ve planned and begun construction.

Our comprehensive process is designed to achieve maximum results at reasonable costs.  We use electromagnetic utility locating tools in conjunction with ground penetrating radar to provide you with the most reliable results. We can customize the deliverables to fit your project needs, from detailed hand sketches to full utility mapping with GPS coordinates, as well as GIS updates. No job is too big or too small.

Private Utility Locating

Utility Locating Specialist

Our goal is to provide homeowners, contractors, excavators, site planners, engineers, and landscapers peace of mind. We strive to protect our customers from costly damage and the dangers associated with ground excavating. We make your project safe and worry free.

Private utilities can be found on military bases, college campuses, in industrial areas and mobile-home parks, on the properties of single and multi-family homes, shopping centers and sometimes in the road right-of-way. MDR Utility Locating Specialists, Inc. employs a smart variety of underground utility locating tools that meet the highest safety standards and prevent damage. We service projects for the engineering community, manufacturing facilities, independent contractors, and government agencies.

Our utility locating service should work in conjunction with your local 811 call system. We do not replace the Call Before You Dig/ 811 service, rather we work together to provide more accurate and thorough utility investigation. 811 calls typically only locate public utilities up to your meter or private connection point. Let us help you make sure you “detect it all” and that your project will be executed safely and without damage or loss.

Private utilities are the responsibility of the property owner. These privately and customer-owned utilities account for almost 65% of all buried utilities in the United States. Besides the legal requirement, failure to locate these underground utilities before you excavate can result in serious injury or even death, as well as damage to the utilities and the property.

Subterranean Utility Engineering

Subterranean Utility Engineering

MDR Utility Locating Specialists, Inc. provides subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services to increase the understanding of underground utilities for project owners, utility owners, designers, engineers and contractors.

We deliver accurate mapping information of existing underground utilities, allowing clients to make informed decisions, avoid costly conflicts or project delays, and eliminate risk.

Our expert SUE teams manage all aspects of utility relocations and redesigns, including avoiding and resolving utility conflicts and addressing construction issues.

MDR has provided subsurface utility engineering services for more than three decades and has the most complete utility investigation toolbox and fleet in the world. Our depth of experience and resources enables our professionals to provide clients with customized, cost-efficient solutions to meet all project needs.

Surveying and

Surveying and Mapping


With the use of sophisticated GPS technologies, we can build and construct an existing conditions CAD drawing for the underground and/or overhead utilities on your job site, campus, or property.

Our standard process for creating utility maps is to completely scan the designated area using electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar equipment for the new plans first within the guidelines Data Collection and Depiction Standards. Once we have identified the horizontal location of the utilities, we will collect GPS data for a more precise position of the located utilities.

Our experienced staff will compile the data into a legible, user friendly CAD drawing that can be used to reference the underground utilities in the project area. This is also especially useful in providing utility information that allows for more efficient future renovations, excavations, water & gas leak detections and repairs, etc.