Safety and Training

35 Years in the Industry

Our safety practices are informed by 35 years of utility locating experience.

Safety meetings take place once each month. Our seminar-style meetings are designed to engage and educate our technicians. In addition to a review of industry standards and best practices, each employee selects a topic that relates to field activity (ie. defensive driving, traffic control, walking in traffic, entering a manhole) and we discuss and modify our practices accordingly. At each meeting, employees receive professional development on how to conduct a site safety inspection of their surroundings each time they arrive at a job site.

We place special emphasis on mastery of the electronic detection equipment and troubleshooting techniques to solve utility locating puzzles. We work hard to make sure our technicians are prepared for the adversities that come with everyday practice. We also address challenges that arise with various pipelines and ways to solve for those challenges. Most of our training is done outdoors so that our employees have the opportunity to constantly apply what’s learned in theory to real-life scenarios.

Additionally, annual certification training is mandatory for our utility locators. Our employees are certified in safety, equipment, leadership, and customer service. Most importantly, we understand the importance of staying alert and aware of their surroundings.

Our philosophy is STAY ALERT, STAY ALIVE!

A large percentage of our time is spent driving to and from job sites, so we constantly reinforce the importance of good driving habits, and maintaining personal safety as well as the safety of the surrounding environment.

The streets and highways can be very dangerous at times, so traffic and safety training are extremely important to us and are focal points of every training session. Employees are also trained in the proper OSHA compliance regulations concerning entrance of a manhole, checking gas and gas lines, line purging and monitoring as well as communication with management.

Utility Locator Safety