About Us

MDR Utility Locating Specialists, Inc. is a utility locating corporation which provides high quality service throughout California.

Although recently formed, our company’s technicians, supervisors, management and ownership carries an average of ten years experience and over 30 years of work in the utility locating industry.  We’ve set ambitious goals for ourselves, and have the sharp focus and resources to achieve them.  Our proven knowledge, experience, and expertise bring value and confidence to our customers and we understand that you do not have time to deal with outages or damaged utilities.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • GPR
  • Leak Detection
  • Concrete X-Ray
  • Utility Consulting/Locator Certification
  • Project Management
  • Pothole Surveying
  • Engineering

We take pride in the character of our company, and we believe that a successful business is built on sustainable, reliable growth.  So, we happily work to build strong and lasting partnerships with our customers as we recognize our work is only the beginning of a project that will last for generations.  We aim to provide our customers with a dynamic, premium service that is second to none.

Most national locating companies are focused on speed over accuracy, and consequently these companies have inexperienced technicians who suffer numerous at fault damages, which causes untimely delays and puts at risk the very safety of the people the projects aims to benefit.

We take a different approach to your utility.  We do not want your utility lines or underground cable to be damaged or compromised, so we treat your utility like it belongs to us personally.  We safeguard your project with experienced technicians that know their trade and work daily to hone their skills.

We have an incredible team who is excited to assist in meeting the needs of your project.  Please visit our contact page to request a quote or to learn more about our services.

Thank you very much,

Private underground utility locating services

Michael D Roach
President, MDR Utility Locating Specialists, Inc.

Michael D. Roach